Lambing with Kate Humble at Humble by Nature
30 Nov

The 2018 dates for lambing courses at Humble by Nature have been announced!

Lambing courses will take place in mid February and mid April in 2018. There are two lambing courses to choose from: Lambing 24 and Lambing: A Day in the Shed.

Lambing 24 gives you 24 hours on the farm from Saturday morning until Sunday morning. There’s class room time as well as plenty of  hands-on experience in the Lambing Shed, including helping Farmer Tim with his overnight lambing checks. 

Lambing: A Day in the Shed is suited to people who want to spend the day on the farm as it runs from 10am until 4pm. It also includes class room time and lots of hands-on experience in the Lambing Shed.

Both of these courses are great if you have ewes at home and want to learn how to lamb.

You’re more than welcome on these courses if you don’t have your own sheep or animals but would just like to experience the magic of the lambing shed.

Although we do everything that we can to ensure the arrival of lambs on these courses nature is unpredictable and we can’t 100% guarantee it.


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