Forager's tea with Kate Humble and Liz Knight on Escape to the Farm
14 Apr

Make the forager’s tea made by Kate Humble and Liz Knight on Escape to the farm.

If you’re going out foraging for ingredients always make sure you know exactly what you’re picking, some wild plants are poisonous. Go with someone who knows what they’re doing or check your plants in a foraging book.

When you pick, don’t take more than you need and make sure you leave plenty behind to regrow. Avoid areas that might be polluted and try and pick above dog height! 

A pair of scissors and some washing up gloves are handy tools for collecting nettles. Try to spread out your picking, rather than concentrating in one small area. When picking nettles for this tea, select the young, fresher leaves from the tops of the stem.


  • Collect a few handfuls of nettles, dead nettles and cleavers.
  • Put into a muslin bag and then brew in boiling water until you get your desired strength.
  • If you don’t have a muslin bag, make it in a tea pot and use a strainer to filter the leaves. 


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