What you'll learn

  • Getting to know the basics

    The day will start in the classroom learning about the practicalities, including: registering your land & getting your CPH number; how much land you’ll need; legal requirements of keeping livestock; producing meat and selling produce.

  • Getting hands on with the animals

    Meet the carefully-chosen livestock in our smallholding fields and find out what breeds of poultry, sheep, pigs and goats might best suit your requirements.

  • Getting to know the pigs and goats

    Learn about fencing, housing and how to avoid unwanted escapes! Meet the various breeds of goats and pigs and learn about their behaviour. Depending on the time of year, there may be piglets or kids running around.

  • Getting hands on with the sheep

    You’ll learn how to catch, handle, and understand sheep and discuss basic sheep husbandry like caring for feet.
    We have a variety of native and rare breed sheep on the farm – including Jacobs, Welsh Badger-Face, Kerry Hill, and Dorset Horn – as well as a large number of commercial cross-breeds.

  • Q&A

    We’ll finish the day with tea and cake and the opportunity to ask any further questions. Liz is always happy for you to contact her by email after your course with any follow-up queries.


  • Hands on approach VERY helpful! Loved the course – brilliant way to see if it’s the life for you. Fab food too!

  • Thank you for and interesting, informative, invigorating and encouraging day. Brilliant.

    Elaine & Toby
  • Thank you for a most enjoyable & truly interesting & fascinating day.



Fri 25th September 2020 Last Few £130.00  
Sat 10th October 2020 - £130.00   Sold Out
Sun 18th October 2020 - £130.00   Sold Out
Sat 7th November 2020 - £130.00   Sold Out
Sat 13th March 2021 - £130.00   Sold Out
Sat 17th April 2021 Last Few £130.00  
Sat 22nd May 2021 5 £130.00  
Sun 4th July 2021 10 £130.00  
Sat 24th July 2021 10 £130.00  
Sat 25th September 2021 10 £130.00  
Sat 16th October 2021 10 £130.00  
Sat 6th November 2021 10 £130.00  

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Smallholder, breeder and writer about all things sheep, pig and bird! A townie by birth, Liz gave up urban living…

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