What you'll learn

  • Learn How to Glaze

    Glaze your pot using a variety of colourful glazes.

  • Firing the pots

    Learn how kilns work and how you can make one at home before placing your pot in the kiln to fire.

  • Cleaning and finishing the pots

    Carefully remove your pot from the kiln, cool it down and then clean it up to reveal stunning colours and patterns.

  • Q&A

    The course will close with the opportunity to ask any further questions.


Sat 15th May 2021 10am - £55.00   Sold Out
Sat 15th May 2021 2pm - £55.00   Sold Out
Sun 25th July 2021 10am - £50.00   Sold Out
Sun 25th July 2021 2pm Last Few £50.00  
Sun 15th August 2021 10am Last Few £50.00  

Your instructor for the day..

Tez is an experienced ceramicist and builder of pizza ovens Tez is an experienced ceramicist with pottery in her blood.…

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