What you'll learn

  • Getting to know the basics

    Look at the practical considerations of keeping pigs: from getting the legal side of things sorted to proving the right sort of accommodation. Understanding the difference between traditional and modern breeds and their specific traits.

  • Pig Watching

    Understanding normal pig behaviour is key to spotting when they might be suffering from an illness. Learn how healthy pigs should act so that you know how to recognise and deal with common problems.

  • Rearing for meat

    Discover the difference between pork and bacon weight, when to send your pigs for slaughter, how to find an abattoir, and what you need to do before they go on their final journey. Abattoir or home slaughter? Find out what the law says and the rules and regulations regarding selling your produce.

  • Introduction to breeding

    Once you have more experience, you may want to try breeding. What makes a good breeding pig – and why should some not be bred from? Learn about the breeding cycle, how to identify a pregnancy, and how to prepare for farrowing.

  • Handling pigs

    Get some practice handling our pigs before you get your own! Learn how to correctly use a board and stick and how to move pigs safely and calmly.

  • Q&A

    The course will finish with with tea and cake and the opportunity to ask any further questions.


  • An excellent and informative day - it has encouraged me that "doing" pigs is feasible and likely to be fun!

  • A really wonderful day. Relaxing, fun, no question too stupid, no concern too trivial.

  • Great day, brilliantly run course.



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Sat 7th August 2021 - £120.00   Sold Out
Sat 23rd October 2021 - £120.00   Sold Out

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