What you'll learn

  • Introduction

    Enjoy a cup of tea or coffee while you learn about the history of cyanotype print making and get an insight into the technique.

  • Planning to print

    Learn about composition and materials before starting to create your prints.

  • Printing

    Experiment with exposure times and designs to create your prints.
    You'll be able to discuss results and techniques throughout the course.


  • Fantastic course, thanks for your time and patience.

  • Wow! Great morning, thanks Ruth.

  • Can't wait to get my print up on the wall at home, thank you Ruth!


Sun 22nd May 2022 7 £55.00  
Fri 17th June 2022 6 £55.00  
Sat 2nd July 2022 7 £55.00  
Sat 23rd July 2022 8 £55.00  

Your instructor for the day..

Ruth is the third generation of printers in her family. She makes beautiful blue prints using the Victorian printing tradition…

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