What you'll learn

  • Introduction to Bundle Dyeing

    Enjoy a cup of tea or coffee as you learn about the bundle dyeing techniques you’ll be using today, using plant materials and kitchen left overs.

  • Collecting materials

    Head out into the Edible Garden to pick flowers and leaves to bring back and add to the dye.

  • Sample bundle dye making

    Practice the bundle dye technique with sample pieces. You'll use these test pieces to inform your final piece, looking at colour analysis and mordant options for different outcomes.

  • Bundle Dyeing your final piece

    Use your experience through the day to create your bundle dyed length of silk.

  • Block printing

    While your silk is steaming, have a go at block printing cards using natural inks from botanical and plant extracts.

  • Time to reflect

    An opportunity to discuss your bundle dyed piece, the technique and how you can take the practice home.

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Botanical Inks is a natural dye studio based in Bristol, founded by botanical artist/designer Babs Behan. Offering small-scale natural dyeing…

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