What you'll learn

  • Roll up your sleeves

    Weigh out the ingredients and make a basic bread dough recipe which you will use to make a loaf of bread, rolls, pitta bread, bread sticks and pizza.

  • Hints and tips

    Sam has been baking since boyhood and he'll share all his best tips and techniques for kneading, proving and baking.


  • I think I kneaded this practice but I doughn't know if I'll rise to be as good as lovely Sam!

  • A really fun evening and learnt so much, the best bit is the great taste! Thanks Sam.

  • Excellent course, great tutor - we're all bakers now!



Thurs 3rd October 2019 - £65.00   Sold Out
Thurs 12th March 2020 6 £75.00  
Thurs 14th May 2020 7 £75.00  
Thurs 16th July 2020 8 £75.00  
Sun 18th October 2020 8 £75.00  

Your instructor for the day..

Sam Wells of Hobbs House Bakery has been baking bread since he was a boy  Sam is bringing his skills…

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