What you'll learn

  • Getting to know the basics

    Learn about different types of bees and specifically the honey bee. Learn about the biology and types of honey bee in a colony and how colonies work. Discover how to meet the bees safely and look at basic kit for handling bees.

  • Being a beekeeper throughout the year

    Find out how to get bees and what kind of hive to keep them in. Learn about the colony lifecycle, harvesting honey and a floral calendar.

  • Get suited and booted

    Time to don your bee suit (you will need to bring your own bee suit or bee jacket) and meet your first set of bees. Learn how to inspect the bees from the outside, open the hive, recognise the different types of bee and what they are doing in the hive.

  • Q&A

    The course will finish with with tea and cake and the opportunity to ask any further questions.


  • A very informative day, I didn't realise I could learn so much about bees in a day! Thank you to both teachers who made it very enjoyable.

  • What a truly fantastic day! I was hooked. I've never learnt so much in a day... and what a beautiful setting.

  • Brilliant! Thanks, will be back for another course.

    Phillip and Carol


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