What you'll learn

  • Getting to know the basics and fish

    The course will start by taking you through the basics of aquaponics, it’s history, current status of the industry and the types of system. It will also give you an overview of fish biology and which species you can grown in aquaponics. You will have a full tour of the Humble By Nature Aquaponics Solar Greenhouse (ASG) and delve deeper into fish husbandry and biology including feeding and a dissection practical to give you an insight into what goes on inside a fish.

  • Aquaponic Planting and Maintaining Aquaponics Systems

    Get to grips with plant biology and water quality in aquaponics. Spend time in the greenhouse, planting and harvesting the grow beds and learning all you need to know about maintaining the system including a water quality lab session and an overview of good record keeping.

  • Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting is an essential part of running an aquaponics system: ensuring you know how to spot when somethings wrong and how to respond. This includes: fish health; welfare and diseases; plant pests and diseases; integrated pest/disease management techniques.

  • Closed Loop Aquaponics

    Find out how to closie the loop of aquaponic production with composting practicals, have a go at making your own fish feeds and learn how this can be done on a semi-commercial basis. At this point in the course you should feel comfortable with the biology of aquaponics systems and have the knowledge to successfully operate a system yourself.

  • Commercial aquaponics systems and technology

    The final two days will concentrate on the semi-commercial/ commercial side of aquaponics including system design, technology, business planning, marketing and the economics. By the end of this period you should have the knowledge required to go about starting your own aquaponics business. You will cover the technical aspects of aquaponics: discussing controlled environment aquaponics, monitoring programs and integrating renewable energy technologies to lower input costs.

  • Getting Down to Business

    The final part of the course will focus on the economics of aquaponics business planning and marketing of produce. You will also learn about all of the relevant legislation and regulations involved in, and licences required for, running an aquaponics business. This session will include an intensive session focussed on discussing your individual projects and ideas.


  • Really worth the investment for anyone with an interest in aquaponics, attracting interesting and like minded people.

  • Lots of fun and amazingly informative. One of the few courses I've done where you come away with the foundation of a bespoke business model. Well worth the time and investment.

  • A truly outstanding course in every way - absolutely exceptional standard of tuition and huge enthusiasm and energy from our tutors. Great variety, very well structured and paced - feel inspired and raring to go!

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