Escape to the Farm

For the first time ever Kate Humble is allowing cameras full access to her farm in Monmouthshire. She bought this little part of Wales 10 years ago. Now, over a decade on, she has a farm packed with pigs, cows, sheep and goats – but for Kate, this is a working farm which means 24/7 hard graft. But we’ll also see the joys of cooking using her own ingredients, and watch Kate indulge that passion for nature by joining her on her favourite walks.

Episode 3

In this episode the cows are ready to deliver their calves and it’s all hands to the pump as we see the joys and stresses of calving in all its glory. After being unceremoniously stood on by serious weighty heifer things turn more serious as one of the herd struggles to deliver on her own. After nearly a decade on the farm Kate is first up to help round up the distressed animal and get stuck in trying to get the calf safely out of its mother.

As ever, Kate wants to expand her farming knowledge, so she invites her friend and butcher Graham to show her how to butcher one of her own pigs. The privilege of looking after her animals with such care means that they should be treated with equal respect once they’ve been slaughtered, so learning all the cuts of meat so none go to waste is a massive education. Also in the kitchen Kate whips up a simple pasta dish – perfect at the end of a long day on the farm.

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Episode 2

Today the sheep are needing their summer trim, so after rounding up the animals Kate and Tim waste no time in getting the shears out to give the sheep a much-needed cut. But with the sale price of wool falling, this natural material has barely any value at market. On her quest for more farming knowledge, Kate is off to a local honey farm. But after donning the gear, she – and the bee-keepers – are called out to rescue a family who have an unwanted nest. This is bee rescue like you’ve never seen it before. Back at the farm, and still buzzing, she’s inspired to use the delicious honey to pimp up a lemon drizzle cake.

And after all this graft Kate takes time out. So with her dogs Badger and Teg in tow, she’s off for a hike up the The Skirrid just on the edge of the Black Mountains. At nearly 1600 feet, once you reach the top there are the most stunning views and a reminder to Kate of why she fled the city all those years ago.

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Episode 1

Sausage the Welsh pig is hours away from giving birth. After successfully delivering 27 piglets, this should be a breeze. But it’s soon apparent that Sausage’s life, and the life of her unborn litter, are in danger and Kate gets hands on to rescue her animal and the little ones. On a mission to learn more about farming in general, Kate visits a local flour mill who’ve been inundated with work following the great flour crisis of Spring 2020. This is a very special mill though as everything is done naturally using stone to grind the flour, and water as a source of power – just like the 18th Century.

After a hard day, there is nothing nicer than fishing, and with friend Kim Waters on hand she’s hooked within minutes and is already planning a simple fish dish. So back in the farmhouse kitchen she rustles up a delicious trout tartare and soda bread using the stone ground flour. The simplest of suppers.

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