What you'll learn

  • What is Permaculture

    An overview of permaculture and forest gardening techniques and the differences to 'traditional' gardening.
    Find out how to: harness these techniques to suit your needs; maximise productivity while minimising labour; maintain healthy soil and encourage wildlife.

  • Head outside

    See how we put these principles into practice in our edible garden. Discuss the uses, cultivation and needs of various plants and learn how we build healthy soil.

  • Designing your space

    Bring rough dimensions and aspect of the area you would like to design. If you don't have an area yet, you can design an ideal.

  • Plants

    Finding the best plants for different spaces of your design and draw up a 'wish list' for plants to start with when you get home.
    Learn how to obtain and cultivate plants, with guidance on: stratification and sowing of seeds, pruning, cuttings and rootstocks / grafting.

  • Q&A

    The course will finish with tea and cake and the opportunity to ask any further questions.


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Beca created our edible garden Beca designed and planted our edible garden and teaches our edible gardening course. Since discovering…

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