Sustainable Bee Keeping course at Kate Humble's Farm Humble By Nature
Kate Humble on the Sustainable Bee Keeping course at Kate Humble's Farm Humble By Nature Examining a bee frame on the Sustainable Bee Keeping course at Kate Humble's Farm Humble By Nature Examining a bee frame on the Sustainable Bee Keeping course at Kate Humble's Farm Humble By Nature

Course Agenda

Arrive for tea, coffee and a tasty bite to start the day
Getting to know the basics

You’ll start the day in our classroom, learning about different types of bees and specifically the honey bee. Learn about the biology and types of honey bee in a colony and how colonies work. Discover how to meet the bees safely and look at basic kit for handling bees.

Being a beekeeper throughout the year

Find out how to get your bees and what kind of hive to keep them in. You’ll learn about the colony lifecycle and harvesting honey, including beneficial plants and a floral calendar. Sustainability and bee health: disease prevention, managing and feeding your bees.

Get suited and booted

Time to don your bee suit (we’ll provide these) and meet your first set of bees. Learn how to open the hive, recognise the different types of bee and what they are doing in the hive.


We like to eat lunch together and we’ll provide a delicious home-made lunch in the barn. This is a lovely opportunity to discuss what you’ve learned so far, get to know your fellow course members and enjoy some great local food.

Getting hands on with the bees

Walk across the fields to the Humble by Nature apiary to look at different types of hives and to inspect the bees from outside & then inside the hive.

Course closes

We’ll finish the day with a cup of tea, some well deserved treats and the opportunity to ask any further questions.

Sustainable Bee-Keeping

Saturday 31st Mar 2018
Saturday 2nd Jun 2018
Saturday 7th Jul 2018
Saturday 28th Jul 2018

This course will teach you fascinating new ways to keep and care for bees in a more sustainable way.

  • Meet the bees - a hands on introduction to our bee colonies
  • The natural lifecycle of honey bees - basic bee biology and ecology
  • Being a beekeeper - how to keep bees healthy and harvest honey
  • Maintaining a sustainable relationship between bees, people and the environment
  • Understanding and choosing the perfect beehive for you

This course is perfect for beekeepers and non-beekeepers alike and has plenty of practical experience in the Humble by Nature apiary. It is run by Monmouth-based international charity, Bees for Development.

Nicola of Bees for Development teaching bee keeping at Humble by Nature

Bees for Development's main work is assisting beekeepers living in poor and remote areas of the world - lifting them out of poverty through beekeeping. They are a charity who work with community groups and associations, raising the profile of apiculture to ensure a sustainable future for bees, people and the environment.

What to bring and other essential info

This course has indoor learning and hands-on time in our apiary - we’ll provide bee suits and hoods. You can handle the bees as much or as little as you would like.

Reviews & Tweets about this course

A very informative day, I didn't realise I could learn so much about bees in a day! Thank you to both teachers who made it very enjoyable.


It was a brilliant day, I didn't think there was so much to learn about bees! The lunch was absolutely delicious too. 


Brilliant! Thanks, will be back for another course.

Phillip and Carol

Great tutors and a very useful course. Many thanks.


What a truly fantastic day! I was hooked. I've never learnt so much in a day... and what a beautiful setting.