Catherine Clark of Honey Bee Beautiful makes bees wax soap and balms at Kate Humble's farm Humble by Nature in Monmouth South Wales

Catherine Clark

Cath started keeping bees 5 years ago from her farm near Usk, in the beautiful rolling countryside of Monmouthshire.

She soon came to realise that keeping bees involved a lot more than just sticking a hive at the end of the garden and became hooked on the honeybee and all of the wonderful miracle products that come out of the hive.

Cath told us she has always favoured natural products and loves growing and making so once she started to harvest fresh raw honey and pure beeswax it was pretty much a given that she would start down the road of making her own natural beauty products under the name 'Honey Bee Beautiful'.

What started as a hobby has now turned into a full-time occupation and Cath absolutely loves it!