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Beca Beeby

Beca began running the aquaponics solar greenhouse at Humble by Nature when it opened in 2014. Her plant knowledge and technical understanding enabled her to adapt to this new way of growing. Beca spent a year trialling various plants in the greenhouse: finding out which plants are best suited to the growing conditions; learning about the most efficient ways of managing pests; overcoming plant deficiencies and diseases; and looking after the fish. Beca now has a huge amount of knowledge and experience to pass on through courses.

Beca also designed and planted our edible garden and teaches our edible gardening course. Since discovering permaculture & forest gardening 8 years ago, Beca has broken free of 'traditional' gardening methods and experimented with new techniques for growing, embracing the permaculture aims of reducing labour input & increasing produce - no-dig beds; regular mulching & choosing the right plants are all important elements of this. Beca enjoys helping people grow more food without turning their garden into an allotment, and to try new crops; often things already grown as ornamentals. Her young family reap the benefits of their edible garden at home, whist she designs & builds larger gardens for others to enjoy, using methods that build a healthy soil structure & provide space for beneficial wildlife.

As a trained Artist & Teacher, Beca is able to guide people through the design process as well as the practical implementation of ideas & techniques for all gardens, big or small.

She runs 'Bwca' ( pr: 'boo-kah' a Welsh faerie); an edible garden design & advisory service.