Aquaponics UK

Aquaponics UK is a multidimensional social enterprise. Established on a shoestring in 2008, Aquaponics UK has grown to be one of the industry leaders and has designed, built and supported aquaponics projects on almost every continent.
Charlie Price
Charlie did his BSc in freshwater biology, then an MSc in Aquaculture and multi-use aquatic systems before completing 5 years of PhD research on integrated fish vegetable systems in Asia. In early 2007 he co-founded a renewable energy company and whilst installing a heatpump powered aquaponics greenhouse, he identified the need for a organisation to support the growing aquaponic movement. In 2008 he gave birth to aquaponics UK. Charlie is a big fan of everything aquatic, he loves to build and has a minor pipe work fetish. On a more serious note charlie is motivated by being part of a new and exciting shift in the way we use and value our resources, and creating mechanisms for people and communities to move forward more sustainably.
Becky Bainbridge

Becky is nature mad, graduating from Nottingham Uni in 2008 with an honours degree Zoology she decided to leave the monkeys behind and complete an MSc in Sustainable Aquaculture with the hope that a more sustainable food system would solve many of the issues the world faces.  This led to her thesis and subsequent obsession with aquaponics. Becky then completed the world’s first Life Cycle Assessment of an aquaponics system and shortly after traveled to Kenya to research low-tech aquaponics systems and on-farm feed production including the rearing and processing of black soldier fly larvae. Becky has designed and constructed a range of systems in different contexts around the world.