For sale: Animals & Farm Produce

Animals for sale

We often have a variety of live farm animals for sale, including pigs, goats and poultry including quail. 

Currently we have the following available:

- Berkshire weaner pigs for sale at £75 each

- Boer and Anglo-Nubian cross goats at £50 each

- Quail at £5 a head 


Pig Club

The Pig Club at Humble by Nature is the simple way to own your own pig and, in time, enjoy delicious free-range pork without having to do any of the hard work! We keep your pig at our farm in the Wye Valley and give it a happy, healthy life, with plenty of space and fresh air. You are welcome to come and meet your pig at the farm.

We get the pigs as weaners, when they are about two months old. It takes from six months for the pigs to be ready for butchery, or seven – eight months for more specialised charcuterie processes. All our pigs are rare breeds and bred by local people we know and work with. The abattoir and butcher are within half an hour of us and the charcuterie is done by another local, Humble by Nature tutor, Graham Waddington of Native Breeds Charcuterie.


Greenhouse produce for sale

We have a variety of produce available for sale for catering or restaurant businesses from our Aquaponics Solar Greenhouse. The produce is grown without chemicals and includes: salads, micro leaves and edible flowers.

Domestic customers can find this produce for sale at Munday & Jones in Monmouth.

Recent examples of produce: sorrel, mizuna, oak leaf lettuce,watercress, rocket, nasturtium, mallow flowers, lollo rosso lettuce, miners lettuce, broccoli and amaranth shoots.


Please contact us for further details on 01600 714595 or