The Aquaponics Solar Greenhouse

Aquaponics UK are helping us create sustainable food growing techniques using aquaculture, farming fish, and hydroponics creating a hugely productive and efficient farming system with few inputs and many, high value outputs. In a nutshell we grow fish and recycle the nutrient rich water into soiless vegetable production cleaning the water in the process so it can be constantly reused.

We've built a passive solar greenhouse in which to house this productive, edible ecosystem which is also be combined with a variety of other complementary farming techniques such as producing fish and poultry food from insects, and growing quail, fed from by-products of the system.

Launched in July 2014, the Aquaponics Solar Greenhouse is the first of it's kind in the UK and we're all really excited by the prospect of demonstrating this exciting new concept and welcoming the world to come and do courses with us at Humble by Nature.


Educational Visits

The aquaponics solar greenhouse is available for field trips from schools and universities. It is an essential resource for studying sustainable food production and aquaculture, giving students the opportunity to see this pioneering technology first hand.


Designing your own system

If you're thinking about starting an aquaponics project, take a look at our 5 Day aquaponics course. If you would like to visit our system please contact us, charges apply for visits.


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