Humble by Nature Art Exhibition

Thursday 14th November 2013

Open Evening: Friday 22nd November 2013, 7pm – 9pm

Humble by Nature is hosting an exhibition of local artists in the Long Barn at the farm. All the artists have a strong connection with the farm, either living, working or teaching there.

The artists work in a variety of media based on the natural world. Whether it’s wood, willow, cast iron or prints inspired by nature, the exhibition will encourage viewers to reconnect with their environment. Visitors will be encouraged to touch the exhibits and feel the beauty of the natural materials as well as appreciate their visual aesthetic.

The exhibition will be on display for course and event attendees at the farm. It is open to the public for the Open Evening event on Friday 22nd November from 7pm until 9pm.

For more details please call 01600 714595 or email

Artists include:

Sarah Edmonds: Sarah is an illustrator, printmaker, book artist and Humble by Nature print making tutor. She grew up on the farm, surrounded and fascinated by the natural world. Sarah works in prints, paper cuts, gouache paintings and line illustrations and describes her work as ‘folk art meets unusual characters meets quirky narratives’. Read more about Sarah Edmonds.

Beca Beeby: Beca is a designer, maker and artist based in the Wye Valley. She has designed and is creating the edible Courtyard Garden and is the Garden Design tutor at Humble by Nature.  Beca works mainly in cast iron and forged steel and more recently in copper, graphite and porcelain. Her inspiration stems from animals and plant life found in the natural environment. Learn more about Beca Beeby.

Amanda Rayner: Amanda runs Wyldwood Willow and teaches willow workshops at Humble by Nature. Her aim is to re-educate people in the versatility and sustainability of the natural craft of willow work. Amanda makes beautiful baskets, garden structures, sculptures and coffins and will be sharing her knowledge in workshops throughout the year. Read more about Amanda Rayner.

Farmer Tim: Our farmer Tim Stephens has been farming all his life. He now runs the Humble by Nature farm with his wife Sarah, farming Welsh Mountain sheep and Hereford cattle. When not working on the farm or teaching courses, Tim is often found in his workshop creating beautiful furniture, fairy houses and unusual and quirky items made out of wood.  Find out more about Farmer Tim.

Leigh Griffiths: Leigh has added his special touch to the woodwork and furniture around the farm. He has helped to create the stylishly rustic feel that visitors to Humble by Nature love so much.